GPS Reviews: Leading By Example

Leading By Example


A family owned transportation service provider, in business for over 70 years, sought GPS’ assistance in developing management systems to support their continued growth.


“What an experience it has been.  It takes me back to my days in college—listening, learning and implementing.”

The GPS consultant “kept us on track many days when our office was absolute chaos, as we were continuing to operate a business and, at the same time, learning many new processes and creative thinking techniques.  He was diligent in designing accurate tools that we will use forever to build and maintain our company.  He would spend as long, as needed, with each of us to make sure that we understood what he was conveying.  During these times, the conversations included examples and provided fresh insight into our company.”

 “GPS, as a company is a perfect example of what they provide.  It is obvious that GPS has a plan from the first encounter with their sales team to the last day with the consultant.  They have a system and they stick to it.”


“Much excitement within our staff has been the result.  We are very much looking forward to the future of our company!”  Chloe, Vice President