Job Shops: Statistics

Size of the Job Shop Industry

According to Manta, which is an online resource, there are 29,485 companies in the Manta listings under Machine Shops in the United States. GPS has broad experience in helping the owners of both machine shops and job shops improve their operations to become more efficient, productive and profitable. Our team of business professionals work closely with business owners to analyze all the critical variables affecting profitability in machine shops and job shops. Our recommendations not only focus on improving the productivity and profitability of the business, but the ease of operations for the owner of the business in managing his business. Our focus on the “business of the business” is not limited to the shop area. We also work closely with business owners on the critical issues of the business such as cash management and other financial related issues relating to the overall success of the business. Moreover, we place special emphasis on helping the business owner develop a long-term plan for the success of the business and the attainment of the personal goals for the business, himself and his family. We can also work with the business owner in creating a succession plan for the business owner to ensure that the second or third generation taking over the business will have the right methods, systems and controls in place to continue its successful operation long into the future.