GPS Reviews: I am Beginning To See A Change In Cash Flow

See a change


The owner of an automotive repair company had been in business for 15 years and enjoyed success with “good honest employees, loyal customers and continuous growth, but things started to reverse themselves, a few years ago.  I knew that what I was doing wasn’t working.”  He had been forced to put his savings and his wife’s 401k into the business after falling behind on paying the 941s, state withholding and sales taxes.  He had talked seriously with his wife about closing the business, “I knew that I needed help.”


GPS entered the picture, bringing a team of consultants who went to work developing options for the business so that it would have a positive cash flow.  A business model was created which would benefit the company and employees through incentives and quarterly bonuses.  “We agreed to start being open on Saturdays, start advertising heavily and offering discounts and coupons, things that we had never done before.” 


“I am beginning to see a change in cash flow.  I look forward to continuing this process so that the company can grow and become profitable again,”  Larry, Owner.