So Proudly We Hail!

This year, to raise awareness and excitement about bringing in nonperishable food donations for our Annual Food Drive, we built a sculpture out of food.

Flag Close Up

We decided upon the national flag as the subject in order to tie-in with our theme, ‘In America, No One Should Go Hungry.’  Sadly, hunger in America does exist.  The Greater Chicago Food Depository offered insight into the Americans who are served by the Food Banks in our area, sharing that:

  • 37% are children under 18;
  • 9% are children under 5;
  • 6% are homeless;
  • 34% are households with at least one employed adult;
  • 24% are households that report their main source of income is from a job;
  • 47% are households that say they have to choose between paying for food and utilities;
  • 44% further report choosing between paying for food and their rent or mortgage.

Inspired by the international CANstruction competition, the ‘flag’ was designed by GPS’ front desk receptionist, Tina.  It was built by Adam and Matt, who stayed after work to transport cans and set up the display table outside our cafeteria.  Matt’s niece, Pam, also volunteered to help.

Unloading supplies

Building the 4th Row

Next Row

A Flag Begins to Emerge

It was a team effort with everyone working together assembly line style to sort cans and pass them along to the table to be stacked.  A total of 115 cans of Campbell’s Soup and 6 boxes of Barilla Pasta were used.

Proudly She Waves

Photos of the ‘flag’ are being featured in our banners and posters promoting the Food Drive.  The ‘flag’ and all donations will go to the Food Bank in Libertyville at the end of the month.  We’re happy to do our part to help prevent hunger here in America!