Retiring The Flag

In America
‘In America, No One Should Go Hungry’ is more than a campaign theme (quick shout out to Mark for the awesome posters), but a heartfelt promise among our employees.  Given the increased need for donations, due to the recent cut in food stamps as well as the closing of the Dominick’s, a major grocery chain in Illinois and a huge partner in fighting hunger with our local food banks, everyone at GPS felt the urgency to contribute.

It was a happy retirement ceremony, when it came time to take down our flag.  What had once been a fun office decoration, now would serve the greater purpose of feeding people in need.   We were delighted to see that our ‘flag’ building materials filled a rather large box.  It was easy to imagine the many meals that the boxes of pasta and the cans of soup would provide.

Taking Down the Flag 3

Taking Down the Flag 1
Taking Down the Flag 6

Taking Down the Flag 5

If you would like to organize a food drive at your business, we urge you to connect with a local food bank, today!