How to Make a Quality Business Video

With the ongoing popularity of YouTube and short video-making apps for mobile phones gaining adoption such as Vine, Viddy and Instagram, how to produce your own quality business videos has become a much more urgent question as there is clearly a demand by consumers.  The answer is this handy infographic from the folks at KZO Innovations (who offer a video platform for the management, capture, and distribution of video for sales, training, and other communication goals).

It’s All about Quality

This infographic makes the point that the quality of your video is your paramount concern, due to the average length of time that online viewers will watch a video (overwhelmingly it’s 2 minutes or less) before clicking away.  Professionally produced video far outperforms user-generated video in terms of viewing time, so what is a business with a DIY budget to do?  Take your video to the next level by dividing the process into three stages:  pre-production, production and post-production, just as the professionals do…

Pre-Production.  The key take-aways for pre-production are straight-forward—have an approved script, evaluate your possible spokespeople to select the best people for the job, avoid having a ‘talking head,’ and rehearse before filming.

Production.  Production, itself, is much more focused on having the right equipment in order to end up with professional results in sound, lighting, and video.  Breaking the script down into bullet points for teleprompting is another sensible idea along with remembering that, although low tech, make-up can also assist in creating a professional appearance on video.

Post-Production.  Here your raw video is transformed via editing (but show restraint so that special effects don’t distract from your content).  Some additional tips include using an establishing shot for the video intro and arranging for a test audience (not the team working on it) for a fresh perspective of the final video.

An Infographic is Nice, but What about a Video on this Topic?

For a great video on how to create a great business video, check out this entertaining how-to video series by Video Genesis.  While clearly meant to sell their training programs, Andy Jenkin & Mike Filsaime’s videos share good advice for anyone contemplating a business video, esp. their first one regarding the ‘34 mistakes.’   It details, in a humorous manner, the common errors which could lead to viewers clicking off a video before two minutes have passed!