GPS Reviews: Went the Extra Mile



The owner of a plumbing firm required GPS services for a tune-up of their current software and dispatching system as well as other management projects.


The GPS consultant “went the extra mile” working with the client’s office staff and interviewing key people in the business to determine the needs to be fulfilled.  He also concentrated on understanding the existing software package, determining how it functioned for the management team.


The consultant was able to implement numerous programs, which they already has access to via their IT system, but had not been utilizing.  Additionally, he set up a corporate network to allow the office staff access to desktop files that they wished to share such as the company safety manual, employee handbooks, proposals, costing charts, etc.

Also of value were the Quality and Sales Matrixes that were created and posted on the client’s shop wall.  “The Quality Matrix enables each technician to evaluate their call backs and their customer service surveys, while the Sales Matrix enables them to track their productiveness, compared to other technicians, monthly.”

The GPS consultant “more than met my expectations and he has given us a road map to follow for the next fiscal year.”  Ron, President