GPS Reviews: This Journey Has Been Well Worth It



A business owner in the residential and commercial construction industry for nearly 20 years brought in GPS to assist in the growth of his company and to help organize its succession to the next generation.


Although the client felt hesitant, at first, about having outside analysis and changing the ways that they did business, “I must say that the experience has been overwhelmingly positive.”   The GPS consultant worked closely with the client and his staff regarding every aspect of his business.  “Personnel decisions, work flow, equipment receivables, professional development and many more areas were put under a microscope, tested, modified and improved.” 


Results from the engagement include an employee manual and a new supervisory structure with clearly defined job descriptions, accountability and reporting requirements.  There is now budget and cash flow management as well as fiscal reports “that give us a true picture of where we stand and what we need to do to meet our goals.”

Most important to the client was the creation of a roadmap which freed him from needing to be a hands-on manager and will make it possible to bring the next generation of management on board.  “I am confident that our multi-generational family business will continue to grow and prosper.”

While sharing that it had been difficult on a personal level, “I have been forced to clearly face one’s own failings, which was painful,” overall, “this journey has been well worth it and I absolutely recommend GPS to any company that is looking to improve, to grow and to meet today’s complex business challenges head on.”  John, President & CEO