GPS Reviews: Their Concern For The Financial Stability Of Our Company Was Genuine



GPS was tasked with the role of initiating and implementing change for a manufacturer of machined hardware for a variety of industries.  “Our company has been around for 30 years.  Although we have done some things right to be around for that length of time, our lack of organization and the way we did things was clearly a serious problem, so much so that if it didn’t change and quickly, we faced shutting our doors.” 


“Leadership and management was minimal, teamwork was nonexistent.”  The GPS consultant was, “direct and straight-forward.  He didn’t beat around the bush.  We needed to hear the things that he was telling us and we needed to make the changes.  He was able to make his points in a way that we could understand without offense.”

“Teaching these old dogs new tricks is not an easy task,” further stated the client.  “When you do something the only way you know how for 30 years, it is difficult to do things differently.  Our consultant identified immediately what those changes needed to be and TAUGHT us how to initiate them in our business.” 

It was decided that the priority was reorganizing the production side of the business, while tax strategies could be implemented down the road as the company income increased from the initial changes.  “He was well aware of our finances, all along, and helped us manage it.  MANAGING our business was something that had not happened for quite some time.  It managed us.” 


“I feel indebted to GPS, but mostly I want to express my sincere thanks to our consultant for being with us day after day for weeks, for his patience and willingness to take us from where we were, see the potential that we had, and help us set goals and show us how to attain them,” Lisa, Owner.