GPS Reviews: The Driving Force To Keep Us Moving Forward



GPS Business Consulting was called in to assist a client in industrial distribution where the management team had been considering different ideas to take their company to the next level, but they were unable to formalize an action plan.


The GPS consultant came in, listened to what the management team wanted to accomplish and helped them to achieve it.  For example, they had purchased QuickBooks two years prior, but never had been able to start using it.  The management team had worked with different people by phone and in-person, but no one had been able to assist them, since they either talked over their heads or they were not able to understand their business goals.

“GPS was different,”  the consultant listened and then worked together with the management team to set up QuickBooks, “we moved over 3,500 inventory items, reviewed and set pricing, and consolidated four companies to help us better organize and run our business.

Our GPS consultant was extremely patient and did not leave a topic until we fully understood how to do the task, no matter how many times we went over it.  He did not just tell us, but he had us figure it out by doing it, so that when he left, we could do it without him.

He was a joy to work with and fit in with our team.  He was able to communicate with all the departments and obtain their full cooperation.  He never talked down to us, but always allowed us to be part of the solution.”


“I would recommend GPS to any company that needs help getting to the next level,” Brian, Owner.