GPS Reviews: Smooth Implementation!

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GPS rose to the challenge of merging two different companies into one functioning entity for a client who provides construction and design services for commercial properties/real estate.


Key projects included analyzing jobs that spanned over six months to determine compensation for sales people as well as diagnose problem areas that hindered profitability.


Client noted that while it’s relatively easy for someone to discover some issues that need attention within a company and then draw up a plan, the GPS difference was in the patience and diligence of our consultants in facilitating the implementation.  GPS addressed the client’s biggest concerns, “re-working our compensation package to where it became agreeable and understandable with all parties, which I had been unable to accomplish on my own” and “also transformed our accounting system into a workable tool that can be used by me for better tracking of actual ‘Cost of Goods Sold’ vs. just an expense category,” Kelley, President.