GPS Reviews: Our Experience With GPS Has Been Exceptional

Supplier Warehouse


GPS Consulting Company was tasked to make an industry supplier “a better, more efficient and profitable organization.”


The GPS professionals “not only identified specific areas of our organization that needed change and direction, but have moved each area towards a common goal of productivity and profitability.”

Two of the areas identified were operations and sales.  First, in operations, employees were given specific targets of performance to be held accountable by well-defined job descriptions, metrics of performance and empowered managers.  The middle management team received clear goals to meet via key indicator and performance measurement reports, freeing up the GM’s time to steer the sales force and the company.

Second, in sales, tools were established to manage daily sales expectations and reward those account managers who are achieving their goals.  The sales manager is able to immediately see who to contact in order to correct unprofitable behavior.  Account managers are now aware of their role in the success of the company and their need to manage and build profitable accounts.


The organization is “more unified than ever, more accountable than ever, and excited that we are becoming a healthy and viable company,” David, General and Sales Manager.