GPS Reviews: Freedom To Pursue Other Entrepreneurial Interests



The partners of a business-to-business IT consulting firm decided to use GPS “in order to move away from reliance on individual decision making and more towards an established system-based operation which would add value to the company.”  The business was growing, but the co-owners knew that they needed to improve management controls as well as have strategic plans and goals in place.  Additionally, the founders had other entrepreneurial interests that they wished to pursue.


Progress has been made with the development of the necessary tools and framework, a planning process and the ability to monitor results.  The GPS consultant “worked with us to determine specific accountabilities, manage our gross profit from each of three primary revenue sources and to restructure our pricing model.”


“We now have targets to shoot for and clear-cut levels of performance that our employees know that they must meet.  We look forward to our consultant’s input and support in the future as we continue to refine our management activities and fully implement the recommended changes.”  Robert, President