GPS Reviews: A Wealth of Information

A Wealth


A general retail business was in need of GPS’ advisory services. “Our business, 58 years old, was lacking in so many areas. We needed help with the staff, job descriptions, policies, present bookkeeping system, sales, management, estate planning and more.”


Their GPS consultant rose to the challenge to address the information management gaps within the organization. “I particularly liked the templates offered for every area and the manual, provided at the end of our training, will be very helpful.”

The client shared that she found her consultant to be extremely knowledgeable, “I felt that he always had an answer to our questions and used his experience to answer them. So much important information and training was covered in the time that he was here.”

“Throughout the training, GPS continually reinforced my commitment to the program, which kept me encouraged. I feel good abut the expected return on our profits, if we follow this plan.”


“What a ‘wealth of information’ our consultant and GPS has provided to myself and to our staff. I am now truly dedicated to achieving a better operation of our business for my family and our staff.”  Sara, President