GPS Reviews: A Job Well Done!

electronic instrumentation


A small business that specializes in the design and manufacture of aerospace electronic instrumentation turned to GPS for management expertise.  “Although we have hard working employees, many are technically excellent, they have minimal management experience.”


Over a course of a month, the GPS consultant was able to provide employee and managerial training and introduce a new skill set to the client’s lead lab technician, who is now a Production Manager that the fellow technicians respect.  “Everyone in the production lab now works in a more motivated environment and works more as a team.”

New sales goals were established and incentives were developed to assist the Sales and Marketing department.  The GPS consultant also trained the client’s general office staff on the higher points of Quickbook entries, a job that an accountant would have handled in the past. It “makes generating future financial statements and tax preparation easy to do and accurate.”

Additionally, the GPS tax experts spotted “where our prior CPA hadn’t taken advantage of a legitimate R&D tax deduction.  We have now filed for an amended tax return for previous years and will be getting back thousands in overpaid taxes.  GPS is also setting up a revocable trust that will allow me to pass on my multi-million dollar business without my family having to worry about the death tax penalty.”


“I could go on, but let me offer anyone considering using GPS, my high praise and personal thanks for their services—Job Well Done!” Kerry, President