GPS Reviews: A Clear Path To Success

A Clear Path


Before GPS, a successful company specializing in petroleum industry equipment with more than 20 years experience was “fumbling along as best we could, and doing quite well, but we lacked the knowledge that we needed to take our business to the next level.”


With their GPS consultant’s guidance, “we now can make sense of our financials because our accounting system is now structured correctly and we know how to read our statements.  He has helped us define our goals and set up a system to achieve those goals.  We now have divisions clarified, department heads set up and procedures in place to streamline the business and create growth.”  He “has given us a clear path to success and the tools to get there.”


The client further praised his consultant for being personable and fun to work with as well as knowledgeable.  “He knows what he is talking about and imparts his wisdom in ways that are easy for a layman to understand, going to great lengths to make sure that we understood him.  He seemed to take the success of our business personally and wanted us to succeed as much as we do.”   Greg, President