Fun & Fabulous Office Décor!

Light Switch

Offices can be too stuffy and formal.  Everything in Janice’s office has a bit of whimsy.  Even her office’s light switch has been bedazzled with colorful ‘gems.’  She lets her office reflect her personality with many playful touches.

Tiki Lamp

Lamps, Lamps, Lamps!

The desk and the side tables display Janice’s impressive collection of amusing pop art lamps.  “I have always been a fan of fun lamps, moving objects and lots of color. My favorite would have to be the lava lamps, as they always change,” shared Janice.

Heart Lamp Red

Fun Lamps

A Bookcase without Books

Convention does not hinder Janice’s tongue-in-check decorating style.  She’s the first to point out that while there is a bookcase in her office, it’s strictly there to showcase photos and mementos. 

Lovely Bookcase

“As you can see; there are NO BOOKS. I am the type of person that enjoys pictures of family and friends to surround me; they motivate me and remind me of good times, vacations and people that I miss dearly.”

 Great Smile By Bookcase

A Room with a View

Janice also has several large framed photographs and art posters to gaze upon while she sits at her desk.  These large pieces act as windows since her office lacks one.  Spotlights aimed at her tropical plants replicate natural light, further brightening the space.

Snack Dispensers For Guests

Bribes, er—Treats!

There is always candy being dispensed in Janice’s office, “That’s how I ensure that people visit me,” she said with a laugh.

Treats with Feet