Could You Resist These Puppy Dog Eyes?

grantwithdogs - compressedGrant poses with his dogs, from left to right: Robby, Wally, Sandy and Poppy.

Grant invited his coworkers at GPS to support a fundraiser benefiting the privately funded no-kill animal shelter where three of his four pups were adopted.

Kris Stephens, who founded the Eyes Of Hope Shelter, works a full time job as well as runs the organization.  She is committed to saving lives, one dog at a time. Kris and the Eyes of Hope volunteers hold a special place in our hearts!” shared Grant.

Frankly, we couldn’t resist those puppy dog eyes!

We were happy to support this not-for-profit by purchasing a sweatshirt and/or making a donation.  The goal of the fundraiser was to sell 50 sweatshirts, but Grant reported that 72 were sold with a total of $1050.00 raised.  Those funds will help the Eyes of Hope Shelter to continue its mission of providing a safe environment and proper veterinary care to all the animals that are waiting there to be adopted.

Interested in adopting a furry friend or in making a donation?  Visit the Eyes Of Hope Shelter website, for more information!